Key Features

Online Registration

Create a branded registration page, consistent with the theme of your event. If you already have your own registration platform, don’t worry, we can work with you to import them as well. Your event can be made public or private and password protected if needed. All registration details can be exported for follow-up emails and marketing use. 

Keynote Stage

This is where your big keynote presentations will be, your panel or group discussions. We can have up to six people on stage via the platform presenting. This stage scales from 1 to 100,000 viewers. Content can be controlled by you or us. 

Breakout Sessions

The quickest way to understand the sessions area is to think about it as breakout rooms or groups where attendees can gather around virtual roundtables and collaborate. Unlike a physical venue, these sessions or rooms are unlimited and can hold a maximum of 500 people in each. The breakout sessions allow for up to 10 presenters on screen normally. However, this can scale to 20 if required. It does mean that the session attendee number needs to drop to 150 however. 


There are three ways to network on the platform. The first allows 1:1 video calls like chat roulette. You can let everyone meet each other or control who meets who via ticketing. The second way is the private chat function, this allows everyone to send an invite to someone they want to have a chat with. The third option is allowing open sessions, this allows groups of ten to network together.

Expo Area

The Expo area of the platform is the digital exhibition hall at your event. Attendees can visit the expo area and learn about all the relevant products and services from the exhibitors. Each booth can contain pre-recorded videos or have a live presenter in the booth. 


Allow sponsors to drive more revenue. There are a whole host of sponsorship opportunities with the platform from simply having their logo with links to their website, to having their own expo booth. Not to mention hero images on the registration and reception pages. 

Voting & Polling 

The voting and polling area allows attendees to be part of the event before kick-off and in real-time.  You can create custom polls as and when you require throughout the event, this can be pre main session start in order to capture attendees expectations or during the event to gauge how it is being received.  There is also a chat function available for people to comment throughout the sessions.


Data & Analytics

Strengthen your insight, your marketing efforts and sponsorship packages with attendee data and video recordings generated from your event. If getting a return on your objectives is important then then the wealth of data that the platform provides will help you prove that.